Healthy Eating

Tried out eating out in restaurant!!! Or really enjoyed weekend meal in a top notch restaurant maybe Five star restaurant. This is time to pay some attention to those greasy cholesterol lashed gravies which you eat. Using yesterday's gravies and sauces is very common in all restaurants including five star hotels and restaurant. Don't be under wrong impression some times things go horribly wrong even in av ant grade five star hotels.
Eating seafood or fish make sure its fresh (if you have a way)
Kathi roll ! chicken tikka Pizza or like thing may you are having yesterdays Chicken tikka or Tandoori chicken leftover.(smart way of recycling na!)
In place of above mentioned life chocking options its better to try Healthy Eating.
Why not have healthy gourmet meals to your specifications right in your home.
You have the option of Personal Chef Now.Romantic Dinner for two or an intimate party. and yes its affordable and wise option.

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Rajmani said...

Sounds good. Add some yummy recipies.