Healthy eating

Burgers make me gag
Globe and Mail - Canada
Parents should encourage healthy eating and try to make food fun for children by involving them in the meal preparation, Dr. Geist said. ...
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Transylvania County Schools devotes a month to eating healthy and ...
Asheville Citizen-Times - NC,USA
... teachers, administrators and the larger community need to understand and promote the importance of healthy eating and physical activity in helping kids ...
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3 News NZ

Preschools to remind parents to pack healthy lunches
3 News NZ - Auckland,New Zealand
But all agree that healthy eating does have a positive effect. "They're happy, they're eating similar things to other children," says Ms Eder. ...
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Healthy choices come to vending
OSU - The Lantern - Columbus,OH,USA
"AVI Food systems work with us a lot to provide education on healthy eating," Miller said. The snacks found in these vending machines now have placards that ...
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Vancouver Sun

Eating Healthy: You know what's right
Vancouver Sun - British Columbia, Canada
... to our children," When eating out, stir your kids away from deep-fried foods - one of the least healthy choices and, of course, a popular favourite. ...
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Dining services aid in healthy eating
By Trenae McDuffie
When you can’t take any more greasy noodles or pizza, the best place to go might be the Johnson & Hardwick cafeteria.
The Temple News -

4 Tips For Healthy Eating
By Margret Jonsdottir(Margret Jonsdottir)
Healthy eating is a way of balancing the food you eat to keep your body in great health. With healthy eating, you'll have energy all day, get the vitamins and minerals you need, stay strong for activities ...
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For Healthy Eyes, Think Brocolli and Kale, Not Carrots
By Amanda MacMillan
Being overweight, smoking, having diabetes, eating a high fat diet, excessive alcohol consumption and low fruit and vegetable intake, all increase the risk of eye diseases. Next page: So what should we eat?
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Root Vegetables
By By Cary Neff
Bring color and warmth to your table with autumn's earthy harvest.
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Alkaline Foods That Will Help You Restore Alkalinity To Your Body
By admin
This article gives a sample of food to eat on the alkaline diet. Foods that can turn away acidosis and perhaps many other things as well, including cancer. Alkaline Foods That Will Help You Restore Alkalinity To Your Body.
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