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Dinner in 35 Minutes
Washington Post - United States
Adapted from Eating Well's "Comfort Foods Made Healthy," by Jessie Price and the editors of Eating Well Magazine (Countryman Press, 2009). ...
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Washington Times

Healthy' food may not
Washington Times - Washington,DC,USA
Restaurant meals, fast food, sugary juices and cereals make up a minefield in the quest for healthy eating. Often, parents make choices that seem healthy ...
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Promoting healthy eating in children
Teaching Expertise - London,UK
Here are some practical suggestions to promote healthy eating habits in children We don’t always have to agree with her, but the first sentences of Janet ...
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Kids at Greenbriar Elementary School Are Eating Healthy
WCAV - Charlottesville,VA,USA
Greenbrier Elementary School in Charlottesville is just one of 25 Virginia school that's threw out the processed snacks, and started eating fruits and ...
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keep your prostate healthy
Canada.com - Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Secondly, make sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Not only are they potent cancer fighters in general, but research suggests they may be ...
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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Autumn - new beginnings for healthy eating
Shelby Star - Shelby,NC,USA
Begin healthy eating with "harvest eating" of autumn foods. Cooler weather brings a bounty of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, which create new meal ...
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9 secrets to a healthy diet through the decades
Instead of grabbing the colas and the sweets, grab healthy snacks. And hey, it’sa myth that eating well must take more time. If you have time to pull up to ...
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New York Times

Superfood or Monster From the Deep?
New York Times - United States
The possible benefits of eating omega-3s include cardiovascular protection and improved neural development in children. However, “People just aren’t eating ...
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Health staff sign up for campaign – to get themselves healthy!
LDPBusiness - Liverpool,England,UK
Nourish is a campaign across ten participating trusts to improve the eating habits of staff and encourage healthy eating. The project, running until ...
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A healthy breakfast is best way to start the day
The Republican - MassLive.com - Springfield,MA,USA
Along the journey of healthy eating, there may be a number of different behaviors worth working on. However, few will be more important than eating ...
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Eat Here Often? What to Order on a Dinner Date
By Amanda MacMillan
... full of healthy, delightful, and well-portioned fare—while sports bars, ethnic cuisine, and heavy French food might make it more difficult to find the best choices. Ambiance matters too: Research has shown that eating outdoors or in ...
Healthy Eating » Nutrition Advice - http://eating.health.com

12 Easy Habits to Improve Your Sleep Quality
By Melanie
#3 Make sure your sleeping environment is healthy – your room should be quiet, dark, and cool. If you live in a noisy area try using earplugs, or drown out the sound with a fan. If your bed is uncomfortable think of investing in a good ...
Healthy Eating for Busy People... - http://www.dietriffic.com

WTF is all this healthy eating?
By R.A. Melos(R.A. Melos)
I'll be the first to admit I'm suicidal but not in a hurry about it, explaining why I use butter, real butter, when I cook. I eat real bacon, not that turkey bacon, or chicken bacon. I will eat beef bacon, but I rather like the regular ...
RA Melos Uncensored - http://conjurman.livejournal.com/

Just a food journal!
By Healthy eating blog(Healthy eating blog)
Day 1 in Week, Target, 32. Food, Points, Count. 2 oat bran waffles w/ i tbs of almond butter, 1 tbs of au' natural jelly, and 1/2 a bananna, -8, 24. t,j's whole wheat bun, with a veggie burger, 1 bell pepper, and 11 strawberries, -8, 16 ...
A little teens journey to food/body/l... - http://lexisuzanne.blogspot.com/

By podcast@foxnewsradio.com (FOX News Radio)
Ease into a healthy routine NOW. Join Fox Radio's Lilian Woo for a little motivation from Food Network host, author and registered dietician Ellie Krieger and you just may see some nice results before beach season!
FOX & Food Podcast - http://www.foxnewsradio.com/podcasts


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