Help your kids excel at sports

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Help your kids excel at sports

via That's Fit by Maggie Vink on 9/7/08

soccer ball in netMy son loves playing sports. There was a lull between baseball and soccer season this year. By the time soccer season rolled around, he was practically bouncing with excitement. He had really missed the fun and camaraderie of weekly practices and games.

But not all kids love team sports as much as my son ... and that's OK. Any activity that they enjoy is beneficial for their health and good for their social skills. I'm not a believer in pushing kids into activities they don't want to participate in. But making the sport more fun and encouraging your child can be a great thing ... for both of you.

My son and I have a habit of practicing the soccer drills he learns in practice in our backyard. We also go down to a local soccer field and I blast kicks at him so he can work on his goalie skills, then he takes a turn aiming for different areas of the net to improve his ability. (Admittedly, I don't present much of a challenge as a goalie.)

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The Coach said...

I have been helping my kids at soccer for some time now, and have often done some drills in the back yard with them. I have used some of these free soccer drills that I got from Coerver and they really made a difference