Fresh Garlic is Where it's at

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via Laurel on Health Food by laurel on 9/22/08

Recent research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that freshly chopped garlic has higher levels of allicin than preserved, chopped garlic that comes in a bottle. Allicin is a key compound in garlic that’s responsible for most of the anti-bacterial benefits. Some other studies have found that allicin in garlic can prevent bacterial infections and food poisoning, blood clots, and cancer.

In this recent study, researchers compared the amount of allicin in fresh garlic with the amounts after storing it for one or two weeks in water, vegetable oil, or alcohol. The garlic stored in water lost about 50% of its allicin content in six days. The garlic in vegetable oil lost 50% of its allicin content in under an hour.

Bottled garlic still has some healthy benefits, but not as much as the fresh kind. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to chop up garlic or has a hard time doing it, try getting a hand-held garlic press or using a food processor. You’ll have fresh garlic in a matter of seconds!

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