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Chef Pepín encourages healthy eating during Hispanic Heritage Month
San Antonio Express - San Antonio,TX,USA
With high food prices, a lot of people have an additional perceived barrier to eating healthy foods, he said. But many simple, inexpensive steps can be ...
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School Lunch Program Promotes Healthy Eating
Food Product Design - Northbrook,IL,USA
Bistro Kids Farm 2 School Lunch Program partners with local farmers and food producers to provide students with a wide variety of healthy lunch offerings, ...
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How to Establish Healthy Eating Habits in Children
Islam Online - Doha,Qatar
A parent can place the ingredients on a table for the child, and talk about what eating healthy means and what some of the consequences of not eating ...
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Green Guacamole Goblins Trick Little Spooks Into Eating Healthy
MarketWatch - USA
But even the pickiest of eaters can be TRICKED to "experiment" with spooky Halloween food and healthy guacamole giggles states top-ranked Wholly Guacamole. ...
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Food is elementary
Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville,KY,USA
It uses vegetables, fruits and herbs from the school's children's garden to teach lessons about food and promote healthy eating. ...
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Sydney Morning Herald

Weight loss secrets
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Not blowing a healthy eating regime at weekends or holidays The idea that it's OK to indulge at weekends as long as you eat healthily through the week is ...
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Healthy eating made easier
University Daily Kansan - Lawrence,KS,USA
By Asher Fusco (Contact) Eating healthy can be tough: Compared to pounding down delicious burgers and pizza, consuming nutritious foods can seem like a ...
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Commitment to healthy eating a must after weight loss
Earthtimes (press release) - London,UK
"The alpha-to-omega of successful weight maintenance is continuing physical activity and eating a balanced diet," said Gudrun Prinz, a nutrition consultant ...
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Credit crunch bites, hitting healthy eating
Haverhill Echo - Haverhill,England,UK
Christians Against Poverty (CAP) asked YouGov to carry out the research into how people's eating habits have changed because of the current financial ...
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Pigs may uncover healthy food answers
ABC Online - Australia
Pigs are being used in healthy eating trials at the Queensland University's (UQ) Gatton campus in southern Queensland. Researchers from the Centre for ...
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Healthy Eating is Better than Rip-Off Diets! — by AFRIC DE BLACA
By admin
Did you know that healthy eating is better than dieting for successful, long-term weight loss? In fact, in order to create a long-term healthy lifestyle for yourself, you need to ditch those diets! Dieting is a short-term ’solution’ to ...
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A Healthy Table
By Caroline Heine
“This project is all about connections between healthy activities, healthy eating, and healthy outcomes,” explains Sara Ying Rounsaville, director of media and government affairs for the San Francisco Foundation. ...
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Organic foods online for healthy eating
By admin
The Fine Food Store provides a quick delivery of organic food products and Organic Hampers in London, Manchester, and across the UK, offering its customers to order organic food products online from the comfort of home. ...
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Prospect Primary students respond to healthy eating
Students at Prospect Primary School yesterday proudly showed off their healthy lunch boxes which displayed good eating habits and environmentally conscious packaging. Health Minister,
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Healthy Eating Advice: Easier to Give than to Follow
By Melanie
You'll soon find there a huge number of people offering different versions of healthy eating advice, once you start looking for it. And most of it is aimed at people who consider themselves to be overweight. Here’s the essence of what ...
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