Healthy eating

Healthy by design
The Herald-Times (subscription) - Bloomington,IN,USA
By Paul Rogers CTW Features Healthy eating is more than a fad — it’sa way of life and, increasingly, a way of living at home. Roll out the welcome mat for a ...
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Fitness expert says low-carb more about eating healthy, not ... - USA
When it comes to weight management and sustaining a healthy weight, it has never been about more than eating well, eating clean if you will and eating with ...
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Healthy eating off menu as credit crunch hits home
Scotsman - United Kingdom
NEARLY a third of adults in the UK are eating less healthily than last year because of soaring food prices and the effects of the credit crunch, ...
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Carrie Taylor: Eating well during pregnancy pays off with healthy baby
The Republican - - Springfield,MA,USA
Calcium: Eating three servings of dairy or milk-equivalent foods each day will provide the calcium needed to build baby's bones while protecting your own. ...
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Diabetes diet: Guidelines for healthy eating with diabetes - USA
You probably already know the cornerstones of any diabetes diet — moderate portions of healthy foods and regular mealtimes. Guidelines from the American ...
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Is A Zero-Carb Or Even A Low-Carb Diet Healthy For A Pregnant Woman?
The Common Voice - Greenville,SC,USA
So I first posed the question to Dr. Groves, author of the upcoming book release Trick And Treat: How ‘HealthyEating Is Making Us Ill (I’ll be sharing a ...
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Knowledge is power – until it’s time to eat
Suburban Lifestyles - Rochester Hills,MI,USA
Yes, I like to call it the “Healthy Eating Disease.” Do we live in a time and culture that promotes bad eating habits? Sure. Is most of our food 100 percent ...
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Tackling Obesity Through Education and FUNdraising
MarketWatch - USA
Before obesity trends were a health "crisis," James was challenging the status quo to create environments where healthy eating and physical activity were ...
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Allergy-Free Baking: Save Your Favorite Recipes With These ...
By Amanda MacMillan
As a natural-foods chef, an important part of my business is to know the synergy between food and healing, and more specifically, the effects of certain foods on different people’s diets. My line of baked goods, bethennybakes, ...
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Healthy Eating Advice can be Hard to Swallow
By user1
And if you start looking for healthy eating advice, you'll find it - in an amazing variety of shapes and forms. And most of it is aimed at people who consider themselves to be overweight. Here’s the essence of what most nutritional ...
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Infant Healthy Eating
By Reviewer
Healthy eating starts at birth, and that means that you should be sure that your infant is getting all of the nutrients he or she needs to grow properly. One of the largest debates in the health community is whether it is better to ...
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Trispace Healthy Eating Recipe - Salmon & Broccoli Sauce
By Trispace
To help you with your healthy eating and meal planning Trispace have introduced a fortnightly recipe, all of which are quick, simple and fun to make. They are specially designed for sports people who need to eat a diet high in ...
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10 Easy Healthy Eating Tips - Part 2
By SaipanEats
If you’re constantly losing and regaining weight, a registered dietitian can help you develop sensible eating habits for successful weight management. Regular exercise is also important to maintaining a healthy weight. ...
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