Get 33% off good things at River Cottage HQ

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Get 33% off all courses and dining at River Cottage HQ in December . . .

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Get 33% of good things at River Cottage

Hugh's been out to prove that you really can make a winning dish from three key ingredients in the new series, Hugh's 3 Good Things.

He's been putting his fantastic new formula to the test each weekday at River Cottage HQ, the home not only to the TV series but also our Cookery School and award-winning restaurant.

Our greatest delight is that we get to share our passion for food integrity and consumption of local, seasonal produce with tens of thousands of people every year.

Now you can head down the famous Park Farm track for a fraction of the cost in our eye-popping December sale, based on Hugh's new show.

Come down for one of our lively Christmas holiday feasts or inspirational cookery courses with the River Cottage gang of familiar faces in December and save a third.

Kick-off the festive season in style with us,

RC x

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