6 healthy cooking food swaps

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6 healthy cooking food swaps

via That's Fit by Chris Sparling on 9/10/08

Making a healthy dish palatable doesn't require a culinary degree from Le Cordon Blue. Conversely, making a favorite dish of yours healthier can also be quite easy. Sometimes, all that's necessary is your willingness to make a few food swaps here and there.

For example ...

1. Season or baste with herbs, vegetables or low-sodium broth instead of butter or margarine

2. Bake with applesauce instead of oil

3. Replace one egg with two egg whites or 1/2 cup of egg substitute

4. Choose canned fish and chicken packed in water instead of oil

5. Cook meats and poultry "naked" (read: the meat and poultry should be undressed, not you) rather than with breading or marinades

6. Use cooking spray or a small amount of oil to saute or stir-fry rather than use butter or margarine

As I've said many times before here on That's Fit, inept is probably the best word to describe me in the kitchen. With that being the case, I can say with honesty that if I can pull off some of these food flips, you most certainly can!!

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