Eat for Gorgeous Skin

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via Healthy Eating by Sean Kelley



A delicious edamame appetizer followed by a grilled-tuna dinner might help cure crow’s-feet.

Researchers in Korea recently discovered a naturally occurring fat (phosphatidylserine) in foods like edamame (green soybeans), as well as tuna and mackerel, that can fight wrinkles caused by sun damage and natural aging.

This fat actually stimulated the production of new collagen; that’s good news because collagen, a protein, keeps skin strong and supple. The catch? The study involved applying a solution made with phosphatidylserine to skin—not eating it.

Plus, the solution isn’t yet available to consumers, and it’s not clear how much of these foods you would need to eat to fight wrinkles. Still, while researchers figure that out, there’s no reason to skimp: Fish can protect against heart disease, and edamame has a lot of fiber and vitamin C.

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