The Anti-Aging Benefits of Vitamin B

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Bananas aren’t just for making a bowl of bran cereal less boring. They are rich in vitamin B, something your body may need more of as you age, especially if you’re a woman.

Tufts University researchers found that women of childbearing age, particularly those taking oral contraceptives, are much more likely than men to have inadequate amounts of vitamin B6. The nutrient is necessary for estrogen metabolism, researchers say, and the Pill adds more estrogen to your body.

B6 is also vital for red blood cell function, a healthy immune system, and normal brain activity; low levels can lead to a form of anemia. Another B benefit: Research in the journal Neurobiology shows that boosting B12 intake could reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s. Bananas, baked potatoes, and chicken are good sources of B6, and eggs, meat, and milk are high in B12.

If you’re concerned about your B levels, ask your doc for a blood test.

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