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River Cottage
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The brand new TV series of River Cottage gets underway this Sunday.

River Cottage Veg returns to Channel 4 this Sunday (8pm), and although Hugh is well into his summer without meat, life goes on as usual down at River Cottage.

It's time to take two of the sheep to slaughter, and for Hugh in the penultimate show, it's a real challenge.

Not because he's developed any vegetarian squeamishness. It's because in the abattoir - for the first time since he gave up meat - he really, really wants to eat some.

Buy Hugh's new book, River Cottage Veg Every Day!, for only £12.50 from Amazon todayBut while he'd never deny the deliciousness of well-reared and deliciously cooked meat, Hugh reckons when it comes to cheap, delicious seasonal food, veg can't be beat. Find out more>

Tim and Gill from the telly cook Christmas . . .

Dubious cricket skills perhaps, but boy can River Cottage head chefs Gill Mellor and Tim Maddams cook. Join the pair this Christmas as they create a fabulous festive feast at River Cottage HQ.

How about a bottle of Chrimbo bubbly on us?

We're giving away a bottle of the famous River Cottage elderflower bubbly with selected Christmas gift vouchers bought from rivercottage.net/shop this year. Be quick though, they're going quicker than Hugh down a river in a wetsuit. Actually, a bit faster than that . . .

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