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October by River Cottage | New series on Sunday 16 October on Channel 4 at 8pm
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IT'S ALL ABOUT veg at River Cottage in this month. We're half-way through the new TV series, River Cottage Veg, which features recipes from the new book. British cooks can get a bit jingoistic (or perhaps that should be jingleistic) in winter, as if the festivities at the end of the year were all that mattered. You might think that the winter torpor would be a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalllimiting factor for the seasonal cook. Whatever things are doing, they are not reaching maturity or getting 'ripe'. A lot of the best produce is surely 'over' – banished from the menu until the following June at the earliest. But if we flip the viewpoint we can see what an amazing asset this annual stasis turns out to be. Things do not bloom or fruit. But neither do they bolt or go to seed. What is going to rot has rotted. But what is designed to last may keep now for months. In cold weather, potatoes and carrots can be stored in cool, dry earth for months. Other roots, such as parsnips, celeriac and salsify, remain stable and sturdy if left in the ground. Onions, shallots and garlic all keep their freshness and potency when in store. Frost resistant greens, such as cabbages, kale and Brussels sprouts, will neither grow nor fade.

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River Cottage Veg Every Day! only £11.99 >

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Christmas Bread & Baking

Introducing our festive twist on the hugely-popular Bread course at the River Cottage Cookery School. Hands-on, the day is designed to instill the knowledge and confidence to become the master of your own Christmas bakery. The course will cover breads such as foccacia, ciabatta and flatbreads plus pizza, which you will bake in our wood-fired oven. Festive goodies include tea-and-tipple bread, chestnut meringues, a winter fruits trifle, hazelnut shortbread and Boxing Day date and walnut bread. We'll send you home with a copy of the River Cottage Bread Handbook.

Full information: Christmas Bread and Baking >

River Cottage Cookery School video

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Game for a day with Tim Maddams?

Game in a Day
Game for a day with Tim Maddams?

Booze at River Cottage

Booze at River Cottage
Hedgerow homebrew with Steve Lamb

Christmas Curing and Smoking

Festive Curing and Smoking
Meaty treats by the River Cottage team

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Private Dining at River Cottage

Private Dining at River Cottage
Make yourself at home for the evening

Friday Nights at River Cottage

Friday Nights at River Cottage
Special prices for early 2012!

Tim and Gill Cook Christmas

Tim and Gill Cook Christmas
Head chefs team up for festive feast

River Cottage Canteen and Deli

We're opening our Plymouth Canteen & Deli next week!

We're very excited about the opening of our brand new Canteen & Deli at Royal William Yard in Plymouth next Tuesday (15 November). We've also launched our new booking system on our website, so you can be among the first to book your table at the former victualling depot of the Royal Navy, built between 1826 and 1835. It will be the latest River Cottage outpost, serving modern-day Plymouth with locally and ethically sourced supplies.

More information: Plymouth Canteen & Deli >

River Cottage Canteen and Deli in Plymouth

River Cottage news
Your face, our Christmas special!

We'll shortly be inviting River Cottage members to join us for our Christmas TV special at River Cottage HQ. If you want to join Hugh and the gang for our festive special, you should become a member and get all the benefits.

Hugh, John and Gill will appear in our Christmas TV special - will you?

We know from past projects that when people get together, they really do make a difference. You'll find ideas that might just change the world for the better on, the new website by the makers of River Cottage. | the new website by the makers of River Cottage.
Veg out with the River Cottage app

To celebrate our new TV series on Channel 4, we've added 40 free veggie recipes to our iPhone app for you to try with Hugh. Already have it? Download the extras. Our app on iTunes >

River Cottage iPhone app
Hugh's Fish Fight wins Grierson Award

Hugh's Fish Fight won Best Documentary at last week's Grierson British Documentary Awards in London. "Let's keep spreading the word!" said Hugh. Find out more >

Hugh's Fish Fight wins Grierson Award
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Rabbit stew Leeks and greens with cocunut milk
Juniper toffee West country cider mussels
River Cottage online community
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River Cottage community forums

River Cottage community questions

Sachikos Japanese

Veggie experiment Winter window sill Winter veg patch?
By River Cottage Veg By Bex-Heath By Hitch By Janeca

River Cottage Veg Every Day! Win dinner for two at Plymouth Canteen & Deli - follow us on Twitter!

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