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Hugh Tube: Hugh's Three Hungry Boys edge nearer Land's End target

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Hugh's Three Hungry Boys have begged, borrowed and stolen (from the River Cottage garden) their way to the half-way point of their penniless, energyshare-inspired journey from Park Farm to Land's End on Channel 4.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall video messageHugh's impressed so far. He's seen some excellent foraging, cunning barters and some pretty respectable meals. But he knows the threesome have some exciting adventures around the corner as the boys pass the mid-point tomorrow at 7pm.

Watch Hugh's latest video from River Cottage HQ

This weekend Thom, Tim and Trevor hatch a plan to turn Daisy, their milkfloat, into a swap shop at a Cornish carnival - but all doesn't quite go to plan.

And Tim finds himself in a tricky situation blagging their three-tonne milk float onto a ferry for free.

In this series the intrepid trio have five weeks to travel across the West Country without any money. To survive they'll have to hunt for food for themselves and renewable electricity for their converted milkfloat - a three-tonne, 1980s electric milk float - with a top speed of 17 miles an hour.

Get it right, and they'll eat like kings as they trundle through some of the most beautiful places in Britain. Get it wrong and they'll be starving and going nowhere fast!

Hugh's Three Hungry Boys - Sundays, Channel 4 at 7pm

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