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Just hatched: The River Cottage Chicken & Eggs handbook

When I first started keeping chickens at the original River Cottage over 15 years ago, I was amazed at how much pleasure it gave me.

Chicken & Eggs Handbook - only £9.49 today from AmazonI immediately felt empowered and more connected to the land around me. I also had the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing your birds are contented and able to express their full range of instinctive natural behaviours.

These birds are fascinating to observe and easy to look after – and it's hard not to be fond of any creature that produces a fabulous, fresh egg for your breakfast on a fairly regular basis. I've had a flock for almost two decades now and I really couldn't imagine life without them.

In short, if buying your first couple of Colombian Blacktails or Orpingtons is a milestone on the road to a better understanding and appreciation of the food you eat – and I unequivocally think it is – then this handbook is the signpost that will set you off in the right direction, with a bounce in your step, from the very beginning. I know you'll enjoy the journey.

Hugh x

The River Cottage Chicken & Eggs handbook is the 11th addition to the River Cottage Handbook family, and Mark Diacono's third River Cottage handbook alongside Veg and Fruit.

Mark's expertise, delivered in his warm and accessible style, will fully inform you about choosing, keeping and caring for chickens, whether for eggs or meat, or both. From choosing a breed and constructing a hen house to slaughtering your own birds and preparing them for the kitchen, everything is covered.

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