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As we inch towards the end of February, it also means we near the end of winter. Leaving for work in the daylight and coming home in daylight instantly lifts our spirits as we look forward to the spring.

To brighten things up even more, we have some colourful recipes for you to try out if you are celebrating Chinese New Year over the next few days, as well as recipes for a wonderful vegetable in season at the moment with a colour in its title – purple sprouting broccoli. And don't forget two other ingredients at their best, forced rhubarb for pies and crumbles and haddock for quick suppers.
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Cooking rice for Chinese New Year? Here Delia explains why spoons are the enemy, why you have to have patience, and why you should never, ever take the lid off while it's cooking!
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Do you think sugar is the enemy?
The problem would seem to be the hidden calories that you're likely to find
in processed food and ready meals - unless of course you take the time to read
the small print - Elpe2

Sugar seems to be in many things even the foods you wouldn't expect it
to be in so cooking your own food and baking is the only way of knowing the exact
amount that goes in – Violet Eyes

But as I'm fond of saying 'If I'm going to put lard on me, I want it to be with good,
tasty food, not with fast food' - Nate

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What should you be cooking this month?
February can seem a very long month, with few exciting ingredients to keep us pepped up. If you are running out of ideas, take a look at our recipes using ingredients that are still available. There may be one or two you have missed or forgotten about, and will have time to revisit before they disappear from the shops.
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Win a case of Villa Maria Cellar Selection Pinot Noir 2012
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This weekend browse Delia's Chicken recipes for 2, make an Easy white loaf, choose your favourite Chocolate recipe, and find out how to whisk egg whites.
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